6th INCO Conference — Joint Innovation, Common Prosperity

This year’s event is dedicated to the underpinning role of innovation in boosting global growth and global efforts on innovation in achieving this end. Discussions will address critical issues such as the potential of global growth held by innovation in order to acquire insight for future coordinated actions. Invited speakers from worldwide organizations will share their experiences, best practices and obstacles in innovation cooperation.

The annual INCO Conference series targets primarily International Cooperation (INCO) Experts from around the world and National Contact Points (NCPs), providing an excellent forum for a plethora of activities including the dissemination of information on the Framework programmes, training activities for Third Countries NCPs, presentations on specific international cooperation projects and presentations on the research landscape in specific countries.

The conference will also host the annual meeting of the national INCO experts as well as a special training session on international research collaboration under Horizon 2020.

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