AGRINATURA Science Days & General Assembly

World food systems undergo ecological, economic, social, and structural transformations. While some transformations contribute to the availability, accessibility and utilization of food, others cause hunger and threaten world food security.

World food systems work well for some small-scale family farmers and fail for others: While small-scale family farming provides food for consumers and markets, many farmers themselves suffer from hunger and precarious livelihood conditions.

At the AGRINATURA Science Days “Future without Hunger reloaded” we ask how alliances between small-scale family farming and agricultural sciences transform food system in ways that contribute to food and nutrition security at all levels. We also ask how research and higher education become more effective in understanding and supporting transformations that benefit world food security.

The AGRINATURA Science Days in Vienna build on the international CARITAS Conference “Future without Hunger” in 2013 and contribute to the current International Year of Family Farming.

The AGRINATURA Science Days assemble researchers and practitioners working on family farming and food security in one single forum. They offer a unique opportunity for dialoguing, learning, networking and launching new research and higher education partnerships. Science Days results feed into the AGRINATURA strategy process.

The conference format comprises keynote speeches, presentations and workshops, open space arrangements and storytelling in large and small groups.

Participation is open to AGRINATURA-members, non-members and stakeholders. We welcome representatives from farmer organizations, civil society, the private sector, national and international agricultural research, and regional and global networks.

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