2nd Biennial Australian Implementation Conference: Solving complex implementation problems

The goal of the conference is to help advance implementation science, practice, and policy to improve the implementation of policies and programs to more effectively deliver better health, education and wellbeing outcomes for individuals and families in Australia and our surrounding regions.

Themes of the conference will include:

  • building a shared understanding of the implementation practice and science terms
  • implementation concepts and theories
  • putting implementation science into practice and policy
  • effective scaling-up service and system wide innovation
  • measurements and tools for implementation science and practice
  • evaluations of efforts to effectively implement for positive outcomes for individuals
  • leadership and leadership’s role in implementation
  • policy development and application for effective implementation
  • implementation teams and their role
  • capacity building within organisations and across multiple layers of a system (for example, practitioners, managers, organisational leaders and policy-makers) to apply what we know from implementation science to what we do in real-world settings to improve outcomes for individuals and society.
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