Workshop on Fisheries in the Pacific

ECOPAS organizes a series of problem-based workshops with invited international guest-speakers and discussants for researchers and policy-makers, in which the specific considerations and challenges of the Pacific context are foregrounded.

The present workshop will deal with oceanic fisheries as well as coastal fisheries (including aquaculture) in their socioeconomic, political and ecological dimensions. The panelists will contribute to explore issues relating to this overarching theme, such as:

  • Fish: heritage vs commodity?
  • Customary, national and international law: boundaries, sharing of authority, and issues of legitimacy
  • Management of natural resources; management of waste and pollution
  • Conservation of endangered species and marine biodiversity

This should give momentum to dialogues between representatives of the Pacific region, agents of policymaking institutions, scholars and other experts, with a particular focus on the OCTs.

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