Fiji Information Day on European funding

This half-day afternoon workshop about research and innovation funding aims to introduce researchers, administrators, government officials and innovators to funding opportunities available via the European Union (EU).

The first part of the InfoDay will provide information about the two major European funding opportunities for the Pacific: Horizon 2020 and the EDF.

Horizon 2020 is the EU’s large research and innovation funding initiative that supports the entire ecosystem of research, technological development and innovation, from early-career research fellowships, to research exchange programs, to large multinational collaborative projects, to financing for innovative SMEs, to policy actions that are informed by scientific evidence, and much more.

This enormous program is open for global participation, and most actors from the Pacific are eligible to receive full funding for their activities.

Within the aid domain, the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) will also be presented, paying particular attention to opportunities for Pacific initiatives.

After a brief afternoon tea break, international collaboration experts from Montroix Pty Ltd will address issues critical to successfully approaching international funding mechanisms. This includes strategic matters such as what can be done within institutions to better position themselves as desirable international partners, as well as many practical matters such as how to minimise risk, overcoming cultural challenges, and pre- and post-award matters.

Information day on European funding
Wednesday 29th June
1:30pmPart 1 – International funding for research & innovation
  • Horizon 2020 – the largest research & innovation funding program in the world
  • 11th European Development Fund (EDF)
3:00pmTea break
3:30pmPart 2 – Understanding international funding
  • Strategic issues & general principles
  • Risk
  • Cultural understanding
5:00pmEnd of InfoDay

Attendance is free.

Following this InfoDay, the PACE-Net Plus project will be holding its final bi-regional (Pacific-EU) dialogue platform, “Pathways to Innovation in the Pacific Region”. InfoDay participants are welcome to also attend this conference. Further information at

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