Governing Ocean Resources: What role for Europe?

The rush for resources from the deep sea is on: Enabled by technological advances and driven by geopolitical, economic and scientific motivations, state and non-state actors alike are increasingly venturing to the edges of the continental shelves and into areas beyond national jurisdiction in search of new resources such as mineral deposits, oil and gas, biological including genetic resources as well as gas hydrates. This briefing will discuss new research perspectives on the political, environmental, social and legal implications of these activities as well as Europe’s role in the global ocean governance system and the ongoing negotiations on the future of this system.

Keynote Address:

  • Klaus Töpfer, IASS Executive Director and former Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme


  • Andrea Koschinsky-Fritsche, Professor of Geosciences, Jacobs University, and Chair, KDM Strategy Group Deep-Sea Mining, Germany
  • Vasco Becker-Weinberg, Legal Advisor to the Portuguese Secretary of State for the Sea, Portugal
  • Arianna Broggiato, Biodiversity Governance Research Unit, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
  • Filipe Porteiro, Dept. of Oceanography, University of the Azores, and Director, Maritime Affairs, Government of the Azores

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This lunch briefing is hosted by Gesine Meissner MEP & Ricardo Serrão Santos MEP.

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