PACE-Net Plus kick-off meeting

The three-year project “PACE-Net Plus” (Pacific-Europe Network for Science, Technology and Innovation) was officially launched on September the 2nd of this year, under the 7th Framework Programme (Capacities - International Cooperation) of the European Commission. This project aims at coordinating the bi-regional dialogue and strengthening the cooperation in science and technology between the Pacific and the European Union.

The PACE-Net Plus consortium presents a broad partnership of sixteen members: eight partners from the Pacific region (including OCTs), two regional entities, four European partners, one international organization and one Europe-ACP organization.

The objective of this meeting will be to work out the detailed Document of work (DOW) and launch the project activities. Work package leaders will present their section of the DOW and all partners will be invited to engage in interactive discussions on their tasks or transversal issues, or ask any questions relating to the project roadmap. We hope that the output of this workshop will be helpful and provide us all with a better appreciation of our future tasks and challenges.

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