2nd Conference of SERA: From Large to Small Islands

The biennial conference SERA series aims to provide a peak international forum for scientists, land managers and partitioners engaged in the practice, science and theory of restoration as a means to conserve the planet's dwindling biodiversity and failing ecosystems.

The inaugural conference of the Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia (SERA) was help in Perth, Australia, November 2012. The 2nd conference will take place in the biodiversity hotspot of New Caledonia — an island of extraordinary beauty and biological richness.

The SERA 2014 conference will appear to those who work in biodiversity and ecosystem restoration at a time of significance for the region’s species, ecosystems and landscapes. It will be the opportunity to provide the growing and multidisciplinary community of researchers, scientists and practitioners interested in ecological restoration with an up-to-date overview of worldwide and regional achievements in ecological restoration. The conference will focus on the principles of restoration, understanding goals and milestones, debating what ecosystem function to measure and closing the gap between the science and the practice of ecological restoration.

The conference promises a diverse practitioner and scientific program as well as the opportunity to meet and collaboration with regional practitioners and scientists.

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