TOBE2014 — 3rd BioEconomy Stakeholders Conference

In line with the EU strategy “Innovating for Sustainable growth: a Bioeconomy for Europe“, fostering an understanding of the bioeconomy as an inter-connected system and inspiring and enabling different actors to take further concrete actions to build the EU bioeconomy are key objectives for the European Commission.

The third Bioeconomy Stakeholders Conference will be hosted by the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, in collaboration with the European Commission.

The Conference builds on the conclusions and key recommendations of the last two Bioeconomy Stakeholders Conferences held in Copenhagen (February 2012) and Dublin (March 2013). In particular, the Italian Conference will trigger discussion on how to integrate the concept of the Bioeconomy into European policies, fostering stronger policy coordination in a top-down approach at national, regional and local level, in light of the EU 2020 strategy, the Horizon 2020 overarching goal and the Smart Specialization Strategy.

The Conference will host and gather experts and a wide range of stakeholders from industry, academia and end-users to discuss about the routes to close the industrial research-market gap and maximize the knowledge-based development potential of local regions in key Bioeconomy areas.

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