Water Governance in Oceania: water uses, access, management tools and policies

In conjunction with the PACE-NET Plus bi-regional platform, a regional workshop will be organized with the Fonds Pacifique funded water governance project on:
Water Governance in Oceania: water uses, access, management tools and policies
Officially titled: La gouvernance de l’eau dans le Pacifique: usages, dispositifs, politiques publiques

This workshop draws on both the results of the PACE-Net and PACE-Net Plus projects from across the Pacific, as well as the ongoing work in New Caledonia, the Republic of Kiribati and the Kimberley region of Australia, that have been the main focus of the Fonds Pacifique project.

The workshop aims to support knowledge exchange and identification of future research, practice and innovation needs for water governance in the Pacific. In the first part, a general overview of the state of water governance in the Pacific will be provided. This will be followed by brief exposés of the recent participatory processes that are being developed in New Caledonia (VKP, Northern Province), the Kimberley (Fitzroy River ‘Mardoowarra’) and other areas for water planning and stewardship.

The second part of the workshop will then be an interactive investigation of other lessons from practice, as well as challenges and opportunities that build on from the work of the projects. This section will aim to update priority areas where participants could provide added value research and innovation projects that complement the existing technical and development programs of SPC and Pacific donors.

How to effectively develop and sustain a bi-regional water governance research and innovation ‘community of practice’ and forum that has been built as part of these projects will also be discussed.

This workshop is open to all participants of the PACE-Net Plus platform with an interest in water governance, Fonds Pacifique Project partners, as well as other interested regional stakeholders (on request and based on capacity constraints).

To register your interest, or for further information, please contact:
Dr Katherine Daniell
ANU Centre for European Studies
The Australian National University, Acton ACT 2602, Australia
Faculty of Science and Technology and Environment
Phone: +61 2 6125 8100
Mobile: +61 419 848 256
e-mail: katherine.daniell@anu.edu.au
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