International postgraduate course on Environmental Management for Developing and Emerging Countries

This 6-month course covers environmental management as an integrated interdisciplinary field. Therefore a broad range of topics is offered. The curriculum is organized in modules comprising issues of global sustainable development, environmental governance, environmental security, environmental economics and accounting, environmental awareness and public participation, applied ecology and ecosystem management, conservation of biodiversity, water management, recycling and waste management, energy for sustainable development, environmental assessment and environmental management systems, cleaner production and products and eco-efficiency, sustainable mobility, sustainable tourism as well as rural and urban land use planning. To provide survival knowledge of the German language a crash course is part of the programme. The lectures are held by professors of Technische Universität Dresden as well as experts from various national and international institutions.

A multitude of excursions to protected areas, industrial plants, public utilities for energy, water supply, waste water treatment, as well as waste recycling and disposal plants, environmental agencies and administrations etc. round off the course. They illustrate environmental problems and give ideas of successfully applied integrated environmental management practices. Participants are required to carry out a profound research on a specific environment related subject and present the results of this research in a symposium at the end of the course.

This course is particularly designed for decision-makers of public administration both at national and local level requiring an overall-competence in environmental matters. To gain the optimum from this training course, a first university degree (BA, BSc, e.g.) is absolutely indispensable. The nomination by the delegating institution is a mandatory prerequisite.

Application deadline: 9th June 2016.

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