Argentinean Bureau for Enhancing Cooperation with the European Union in the Science, Technology and Innovation Area, phase III

International cooperation plays an important role in tackling the major European and global challenges. The Framework Programmes (FPs) emphasis international cooperation while increasing international partnerships and fostering strategic S&T cooperation with key 3rd Countries, such as Argentina. ABEST III will set up a sustainable, knowledge-based, bilateral dialogue platform between S&T key players as well as stakeholders from the EU-MS/AS and from Argentina. This proposal is conceived as a continuation of the previous phases of FP6 funded ABEST/A-EU and FP7 funded ABEST II projects. The project will strengthen S&T policies building on common interest and aiming at attaining mutual benefit in order to strengthen the cooperation between EU and AR. In line with the WP of this call, ABEST III will focus on contributing to the implementation of the FP objectives by increasing participation of Argentinean STI actors in the FP through a comprehensive and reciprocal approach in awareness raising, good practice sharing, and effective dissemination activities. It will also establish synergies with other ongoing projects and initiatives, in order to identify complementary opportunities and to contribute to the further development of the EU-AR cooperation. The challenges of this phase will be to increase the participation of innovation actors in the EU funding initiatives and promote awareness of opportunities for Europeans to participate in Argentinean R&D programmes. The overall strategy has been built on the following principles:

  • A complementary and comprehensive consortium consisting of EU & AR partners, who are key players in the field and are thus able to implement ABEST III work plan
  • Previous experience upon which to build new initiatives and activities
  • A comprehensive structured work plan devoted to achieve real results and impact
  • A committed approach to networking at all levels in EU, AR, and LAC
  • A clear and effective management structure for the implementation
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