Enhancing the Bilateral S&T Partnership with Ukraine * Advanced Innovative Approach

The major objectives of BILAT-UKR*AINA are

  • To support the institutional dialogue on STI policy between the European Commission, the EU MS, CC and AC, and Ukraine,
  • To provide analytical input to the dialogue at the JSTCC and
  • To ensure practical follow-up and sustainability;
  • Particularly, BILAT-UKR*AINA
  • Foresees in a flexible manner pilot activities to facilitate the implementation of the joint EU-Ukraine STI Roadmap;
  • Promotes RTDI cooperation opportunities to support the creation of networks and the participation in joint projects;
  • Monitors and analyses innovation and research cooperation expressed in co-publications, scientific and educational networks and in terms of joint projects;
  • Analyses, promotes and monitors the participation of EU researchers in Ukrainian S&T State Programmes;
  • Secures the outreach of the project to interested parties who are not consortium members and
  • Increases awareness about the assets of RTDI cooperation with Ukraine.

The consortium is supported by the key stakeholders from the target country: the responsible Ministry, the State Agency, the National Information Point and the National Academy of Sciences - who are either project partners or members of the advisory board. Most partners have already cooperated in the preceding BILAT-UKR project and present herewith an Advanced INnovative Approach within BILAT-UKR*AINA.

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