Chile-European Union STI Initiative

CEST+I seeks to support the enhancement of science, technology and innovation cooperation between the European Union, member states and associated countries and Chile. The project thereby contributes to the implementation of the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation (JIRI) between Latin America and the Caribbean and the European Union. The specific objectives are to jointly tackle societal challenges, promote the creation of networks and joint research projects, as well as dissemination of the opportunities of cooperation between Chile and the EU.

The project addresses high quality food, climate change and energy as common societal challenges horizontally in four thematic pillars: political dialogue, networking between European and Chilean researchers, innovation and dissemination of the Framework Programmes.

CEST+I will stimulate joint strategic agendas and coordination of policies not only for the S&T Cooperation Agreement but also for the bilateral and regional initiatives. Likewise, the project enables the development of new partnerships and collaborative programmes by creating networks between Chilean and European researchers, as well as aiming at a large impact in the Chilean scientific community through training of stakeholders and researchers in areas such as IPR, patenting and funding opportunities.

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