Enhancement of Jordan-European S&T Partnerships

EU-JordanNet II aims at further increasing the research cooperation between Jordan and Europe, following the successful activities of the first EU-JordanNet. On the one hand it will adopt a broader approach by addressing in particular the research-innovation chain encompassing academia as well as the private sector, and on the other hand will facilitate the preparation of collaborative activities by a coaching programme for individual researchers and developers.

Although Jordan has been quite active in EU Framework Programmes over the past years, and the general awareness of the EU Programmes in Jordan is steadily progressing, most researchers still face considerable problems in actively developing FP proposals. Hence the project will directly support researchers who have concrete ideas for proposals through a step-by-step coaching, support the search for appropriate partners in Europe and also provide a small mobility grant that will allow a ‘training-on-the-job’ at European organisations to intensify collaboration and prepare for joint projects. It will also organise partnership days in Europe together with selected European NCPs (for example DLR, FFG, or IRD) and participants from Jordan (universities and SMEs). Apart form the awareness and training session on the Thematic Area of ICT, NMP and KBBE, the project will put increase emphasis on the People programme, to increase the mobility of researchers between Jordan and Europe.

EU-JordanNet II will also support the bilateral S&T policy dialogue through organizing joint EU-Jordan S&T Committee meetings to oversee implementation of the agreement and regularly discuss the future orientations of research policies and planning both in Jordan and in the EU.

EU-JordanNet II will continue monitoring the evolution of the collaboration activities in the FP7 and provide a qualitative analysis of these activities to suggest future policy interventions to strengthen the cooperation in specific strategic research areas.

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