Facilitating Research and Innovation Cooperation between Europe and New Zealand

The Facilitating Research and Innovation Cooperation between Europe and New Zealand (FRIENZ) project supports the development of strategic research, science and innovation partnerships between Europe and New Zealand (NZ). It provides implementation tools to underpin the 2009 EC-NZ Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement, while increasing the scale, scope and focus for the relationship. FRIENZ will broaden the extent of cooperation and prepare for new policy frameworks that will be in place by the end of the project.

FRIENZ brings together policy, implementation, financing and evaluation mechanisms to derive maximum benefit and value for, both parties ( and from, EU and NZ science and innovation collaboration. Particular focus will be given to better identifying and understanding the optimal framework conditions to support international innovation collaboration and support for private sector engagement. Strategic relationships between NZ and European Member States will also be supported.

FRIENZ also builds on two previously funded BILAT projects — ACCESS4EU:NZ and FRENZ — providing information, guidance and support to organisations in both Europe and NZ with regard to bilateral cooperation opportunities funded through EC, NZ and Member State programmes.

Expected outcomes, over the life of the three-year project, include: new and deeper strategic science and innovation partnerships; a greater understanding of the conditions to stimulate the engagement of private sector and commercial enterprises in NZ and European schemes; closer institutional (research organisation/funder) bilateral collaboration; and greater awareness among New Zealand and Europe science and innovation communities of the opportunities to enhance engagement in mutually beneficial research related activities.

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