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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The successful PACE-Net conference in Suva marked the end of a wonderful human and scientific adventure that started in 2010. The PACE-Net project has been successful in strengthening the bi-regional dialogue on science and technology between Europe and the Pacific on global and regional priorities of mutual importance; in identifying potential research partnership projects addressing these priorities; and most of all, in raising awareness of the critical importance of the Pacific region to global sustainability and the vulnerability of its island countries. The project also allowed a closer collaboration between Pacific Island Countries and the Overseas Countries and Territories.

This success relies on the interest and exemplary concern for the Pacific and Pacific islanders of all the key stakeholders involved in the project. We would like to thank all those who have taken part in the network and dialogue and who have supported us, in a spirit of openness, reflective of local realities. We hope that we will keep stimulating your interest and will expect even more support from you in the future!

Download the key stakeholders booklet: Key stakeholders_Booklet_0.pdf

Download our Outcomes report (Compendium): PACE-Net_Outcomes_Compendium_0.pdf

Download our Recommendations for a Strategic Plan on Research, Innovation and Development in the Pacific, that have been formulated with all the Suva Conference participants: web PACE-Net_RECOMMENDATIONS.pdf

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