RUN signs MoU with PACE-Net Plus

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Regional Universities Network (RUN) today signed an MOU with the Pacific-Europe Network for Science, Technology and Innovation (PACE-Net plus) in Auckland, New Zealand, to explore opportunities for collaboration.

The Executive Director of RUN, Dr Caroline Perkins, said the MOU provided a basis for cooperation in areas of mutual research interest such as environmental science, food security and agriculture.

“PACE-NET plus has identified priority areas for future joint research cooperation between Europe and the South Pacific to address global challenges such as community health, aquaculture and agriculture, coastal ecosystems, and the environment. RUN universities have particular strengths in relevant areas and collaboration under the MOU will help us grow our research collaboration with the Pacific region,” Dr Perkins said.

“Much of the regionally-based and focussed research undertaken at our universities is of relevance to developing and other nations in Asia and the Pacific. Projects in natural resource management, sustainable development, animal and plant agriculture, water management, community health, environmental science and community policy have already been undertaken in collaboration with researchers in our region.

“RUN researchers have recently participated in workshops with the PACE-NET plus group on coastal ecosystem health and marine toxins, and food security and agriculture,” Dr Perkins said.

“We are keen to further collaborate in research in the Pacific in these and other areas, and the MOU with PACE-NET plus provides a strong basis to move forward.”

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