October 2014

PACE-Net Plus is a project funded by the European Commission to strengthen further bi-regional science, technology and innovation (ST&I) cooperation and dialogue between the Pacific Region and the European Union. The project brings together 16 members, from the Pacific region and the EU.

More information: http://plus.pacenet.eu/


PACE-Net Plus entered in a very active phase, with all partners preparing several events planned until the end of the year (Think Tanks in Bremen, Papeete, Noumea and Auckland and finally a first bi-regional platform also in Auckland). The innovation topic holds a strategic place in the project, with activities aiming for instance at enhancing the cooperation on innovation issues and bridge the gap between the private and public sectors.

In June, the Vanuatu Cultural Centre and UNIDO (United Nations Organisation for Industrial Development), attended the 2nd EU-Pacific Business Forum and the role of PACE-Net+ was acknowledged in the final recommendations of this Forum. More information on: http://pipso.org/eupacific-business-forum

In August, UNIDO organised with the University of South Pacific (USP) and the CNRT, various face-to-face meetings with innovation partners in the region and designed a firm survey on innovation capacities of Pacific countries (and region).

For the first time, economic activities in Fiji and New Caledonia will be mapped in detail, as well as the innovation activity and needs of the different economic agents in the country. Students from USP and from the University of New Caledonia (UNC) have been trained to perform these surveys. In Fiji, the training was sponsored by VODAFONE.

In New Caledonia, UNIDO also carried out a series of face-to-face interviews with various innovation actors, among which various research organisations, ADECAL (New Caledonian Economic Development Agency), SMEs, business clusters, mining companies, members of the government or of the provinces of New Caledonia. A firm survey and face-to-face interviews with innovation actors are planned in Papua New Guinea in November 2014.

PACE-Net Plus recent & upcoming events

PACE-Net Plus conference in Bremen, Germany

9-11 September 2014

During the conference, selected participants worked at identifying priority areas for future joint research cooperation between Europe and the South Pacific to address the global challenges, and at identifying funding options and potential participating institutions. The conference was divided into three interactive Think Tanks, where ideas and thoughts about future needs/priorities were exchanged and recommendations elaborated.

  • Think-Tank 1: Tackling Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs): Lifestyle options for improved nutrition and well being
  • Think-Tank 2: Exploring the convergence of science and traditional knowledge in aqua- and agriculture for sustainable, healthy living in the 21st century
  • Think-Tank 3: Enhancing community resilience: managing environment, water and wastes under a changing climate

The recommendations of all Think Tanks will feed into the ongoing bi-regional policy dialogue which seeks to enhance scientific and technological cooperation on the decision maker level.

See more at: http://plus.pacenet.eu/events/pacenetplus-bremen-2014

PACE-Net Plus side-event in Apia, Samoa

Monday 1st September 2014

PACE-Net Plus took part in the 3rd International UN Conference on Small Developing States (SIDS) dedicated to “Sustainable Development through Genuine and Durable Partnerships”.

The project participated in a side-event that was co-organised by PACE-Net Plus project partner the National University of Samoa (NUS), and project coordinator the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD).

The following presentations were made:

  • Presentation of Horizon 2020 opportunities for SIDS (Montroix Pty Ltd)
  • Innovation in the SIDS (UNIDO)
  • Demonstration of existing and potential benefits of regional cooperation by two representatives of the regional observatories GOPs and O2C3 (IRD)
  • Presentation of Oceania 21 with a focus on relationship between traditional knowledge and heritage and research in ST&I (Governement of New Caledonia)

More information: http://plus.pacenet.eu/events/sids-pacenetplus-2014

PACE-Net Plus Think Tank

“Coastal ecosystem disturbances, fish and shellfish poisoning and other socio-economic implications”

18-20 November, 2014, Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Noumea, New Caledonia

Researchers, fisheries managers, public health officials and policy makers from both the Pacific and Europe will discuss the latest knowledge and identify priority areas for future joint research and innovation to address the global challenges, and identify funding options and potential participating institutions. Four key thematic areas have been identified for discussion during the Think Tank:

  1. Marine toxins
  2. The effects of climate change and environmental disturbances on fish and seafood poisoning
  3. Health
  4. Societal, cultural and economic aspects

The objective is to provide recommendations that will be presented at the bi regional platform with policy makers which will take place in Auckland in December 2014.

For more information, please contact Olivier Auguin, Secretariat of the Pacific Community, oliviera@spc.int.

Other opportunities

Project SEA-EU-Net 2: ASEAN-EU STI days 2015

The second ASEAN-EU STI Days will be held in Paris in March 2015, hosted by the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). For more information and the archived presentation materials from the previous STI Days 2014, please visit the STI Days Website at:

Horizon 2020 information day on research public-private partnerships (PPPs)

21 October 2014, Brussels, Belgium

An Information Day on the Research PPPs will take place on 21 October 2014 in Brussels. The aim of the event is to give the research community an overview of ongoing activities, and to support the preparation of proposals for the 2015 calls. The info Day will also offer plenty of opportunities for networking.

More information: http://ec.europa.eu/research/industrial_technologies/information-day-for-ppp-2014_en.html

European-Southeast Asian Experts One Health in Action Workshop

13-17 October 2014, Hanoi, Vietnam

SEA-EU-Net will be organising an expert workshop on One Health, focusing on “From OH Theory to Reality: Practical challenges, impact of OH initiatives and gaps in research”.

You can find more about the workshop by visiting the SEA-EU-Net page at: http://www.sea-eu.net/object/event/148

More events: http://plus.pacenet.eu/events


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