WP5 group documents

The design of Horizon 2020 aims to “embed” Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) in all programme pillars of Horizon 2020. This NET4SOCIETY “Report on SSH Integration in Horizon 2020” takes a closer look at how SSH has been embedded in the first Work Programmes and in the Horizon 2020 Specific Programme.
This spreadsheet, compiled from a series of searches on the CORDIS database, summarises all Framework Programme projects that have Pacific partners.
This document distils the enormous array of opportunities into an easy-to-read subset suitable for Australian actors to absorb.
Towards a Pacific ST&I Agenda: a PACE-Net Plus recommendation to foster science, technology and innovation (ST&I) pathways in the Pacific region
The purpose of this document is to report on the project’s dissemination and communication activities that have been promoted during the 36 months of its activity.
The purpose of this brief report is primarily to collate some accumulated experience in promoting EU-Pacific ST&I partnerships, to articulate the lessons learned, and to formulate recommendations both for PACE-Net Plus partners and more generally for the policy makers and programme owners in the design of future cooperation programmes. The original analysis (June 2015) is here supplemented by further evidence from a brief survey of those involved in PACE-Net Plus (undertaken in July 2016), withadditional context drawn from published work from a range of countries on such cooperation and partnerships.
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