WP4 Cooperation on Innovation Issues to Tackle the Societal Challenges

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Contributing to tackle societal challenges that EU-Pacific countries are facing or that have a global character in relationship to health (WP1), agriculture and marine (WP2) and resource use (WP3) activities through:

  • Understanding the factors, mechanisms and obstacles that underlie innovation processes in the Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs); focusing on the role EU scientific and technological cooperation performs in the successful generation of new products and processes and of novel forms of collective organization.
  • Strengthening EU-Pacific science and technology cooperation and networks through the joint identification, promotion and monitoring of areas of environmentally sustainable innovative activity and through improving coordination and synergy between joint efforts, in areas where EU knowledge and technology transfer can be adapted to local conditions, and vice versa, while having the highest economic impact.
  • Identifying policy recommendations that will stimulate academic, private and public sector, non-governmental organizations and other relevant stakeholders both from the EU and the Pacific to engage and cooperate in innovation processes and that will ensure that sustainable innovation objectives are achieved and to support cooperation on issues related to framework conditions for research and innovation (e.g. Intellectual Property Rights protection, standards, regulations, access to innovation financing) with the view to establish a 'level playing field' and facilitate the deployment of innovative products and services.

News, Events and Funding

The opportunities for European and Pacific researchers to collaborate are many and diverse. The European Union (EU) policies and scientific strategies aim at reinforcing these collaboration opportunities, notably through Horizon 2020, the European framework programme dedicated to research and innovation. Strengthening the Europe-Pacific bi-regional dialogue in science, technology and innovation (ST&I) is a key step in achieving increased...
The Pacific region can serve as an exemplar of how science diplomacy could work, according to Professor Jean-François Marini, coordinator of the EU-funded PACE-Net Plus project and former adviser to the French government on science diplomacy. PACE-Net Plus united 16 partners in the Pacific and the EU to strengthen research cooperation between the two regions. How did you go about achieving this?
Within the context of small fragile economies, vast oceans and extreme vulnerability, the Pacific-Europe Network for Science, Technology and Innovation (PACE-Net Plus) bi-regional dialogue platform recognises that regional cooperation amongst Small Island States of the Pacific is the only way forward to a sustainable future. These were the comments by the Deputy Prime Minister of Tonga, Honourable Siaosi Sovaleni, who officiated as the Chief...
The South Centre has announced the publication of Policy Brief No. 25 entitled “The Right to Development, Small Island Developing States and the SAMOA Pathway” by Manuel F. Montes, the Senior Advisor on Finance and Development of the South Centre.
25 Apr 2016 -
9:30am to 5:00pm
Brussels, Belgium
Food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture are among the EU’s top development priorities for the period of 2015–2020. In this regard, research and innovation are fundamental pieces to achieve food and nutrition security goals. The EU is launching four major initiatives to support partner countries in food security and agriculture specifically addressing the key areas of innovation, nutrition, resilience and financing.
29 Jun 2016 -
1:30pm to 5:00pm
Nadi, Fiji
This half-day afternoon workshop about research and innovation funding aims to introduce researchers, administrators, government officials and innovators to funding opportunities available via the European Union (EU).
For decades, Australian surfboard shaper Nev Hyman shaped boards for world champions, but now he is shaping something quite different: affordable, cyclone-proof housing. After launching three surfboard brands — the first in 1973 — Mr Hyman initially invested in plastics recycling. “Being in Bali in the late 70s and early 80s and seeing how fantastic [Bali] was, and then going back there and seeing more and more rubbish in the oceans … I ended...
13 Jul 2016 (All day) to 15 Jul 2016 (All day)
Vienna, Austria
The International Science and Technology Conference (ISTEC) series, started in 2010, is an international, non-profitable activity with the mission of Science and Technology in practical applications. ISTEC serves the profession with international conferences, quality proceedings books and leading edge digital library for professional growth. It is an international Scientific activity for academics, and educators. This conference is known as a...
17 Aug 2016 (All day) to 2 Sep 2016 (All day)
Alpbach, Austria
History does not progress to better things on its own. It needs curious and enthusiastic people to counter the doubt, the scepticism and the loss of the familiar with intrepid ideas and illuminating thoughts. The European Forum Alpbach 2016 allows these explorers from the fields of science, business, politics, arts and civil society to find inspiration through dialogue. Armed with sound knowledge, convincing arguments and a great deal of...
With this bi-regional dialogue platform, PACE-Net Plus will present a strategy to support the official recognition of the fundamental importance of STI in the sustainable development of Pacific Island Countries; PACE-Net Plus will also propose concrete joint activities to strengthen the STI cooperation between EU and the Pacific Region, thus contributing to policy dialogue between the two regions.
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